The Garden



Venice, in the collective imagination is known as a “water town”, famous for its Calli (streets), Canals and its Palaces along the Grand Canal.

Venice, a city where everything is special, different, and mysterious; a city where everything has to be discovered and which sometimes doesn’t reveal its most intimate secrets.

A little-known Venice which often remains hidden from the eyes of its visitors it is certainly the city of the Gardens, vegetables gardens and small parks, often an ancient heritage of Patrician Palaces or Monasteries.

Whatever is their use or destination the Venetian Gardens transmit energy, elegance, peace and serenity. The tradition of the Venetian Gardens dates back to ancient times when it was necessary to be totally independent in case of war or famine. The history of the city, made of far away trade relationships, has enriched the style and variety of its gardens.

At the Hotel Nani Mocenigo Palace we are lucky to keep one of these little secrets, and we can share it with you.

Our Garden, characterized by the presence of the original and beautiful “vera da pozzo”(a well; an ancient water supply system for a city which as Marin Sanudo said (1466 – 1536), “it is built on the water but it is without water”), it is an intimate and secret space where you cannot only enjoy a pleasant aperitif or a relaxing after-dinner drink, but also it is a place where you will be able to feel the sense of charm and prestige of the real Venetian Garden.