Palazzo Nani Mocenigo, a superb example of Gothic Venetian art from the 15th Century, it is nowadays a 4 Stars Hotel located just in front of the little Canal of San Trovaso and in the middle of one of the most characteristic “Sestieri” ( Districts) of Venice
The new and restructured Palace is characterized by an important facade and frescoes from the early 1800s. In all its rooms and spaces it preserves the splendor of its noble and centenary past, where the Venetian style is exalted by its Murano Chandeliers, the original floors “Alla Veneziana” and by the precious furnishing of its “Saloni” (Salons) and Rooms.

Palazzo Barbarigo Nani Mocenigo

The Palace, dates back to the XV° Century, was the residence of the Barbarigo Family whose the greatest exponent was…

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The Doge Agostino Barbarigo

Doge Agostino Barbarigo (Venice, 3rd June 1419 – Venice, 20th September 1501) It was the 74th Doge of the Republic…

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The Doges of the Republic of Venice

The Doge, from the Latin “Dux” ( “Guide”, “Commander”), and adapted from the Venetian “Doxe”, was the Supreme Magistrate and…

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